• Analyttica Datalab is recognized as a leading Data Science solution provider, Innovation in AI and is patented for innovation in education pertaining to analytics & data science skilling.
  • The program is carefully designed and curated by industry experts and academicians, it is application oriented and highly contextual.
  • The program is designed to enable a “Learn-by-Doing” approach to foster industry readiness.
  • The program offers industry standard assessments and long-term platform access to enable one’s Data Science journey.
  • You get career assistance via portfolio showcase and recruiter interface, Social Recognition and Personal Brand Creation.
  • The curriculum is made by the best of Faculty Members and is led by instructors from around the globe (Check out our instructor panel) which makes it extremely relevant to working professionals.
  • You get access to the ‘LEAPS’ platform for a defined tenure even post the completion of the 10-month program so that you continue practicing your skills and are well-versed with the latest learnings in the field of AI & ML.
  • Our courses are offered at the most competitive rates with world class content.

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